Brain Dump Planner for Kindle Scribe | With To Do List Printable, Digital ADHD Planner, Priority Matrix, Work & Daily Productivity

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DIGITAL Brain Dump Planner for the Kindle Scribe. Includes To Do Lists, ADHD Daily Planner, Priority Matrix Templates and much more for daily productivity!

★ The ULTIMATE Digital Brain Dump Planner made for the Kindle Scribe, helping you organize a productive day ★

Tired of feeling overwhelmed with things to do and just need to write your thoughts down? Use this HYPERLINKED digital planner to help you get organized and manage your time better!

The Brain Dump template has been structured so that all of t. . .

✔ Digital Brain Dump Planner - with hyperlinked pages for the Kindle Scribe
✔ Use the "Getting it Together" page daily to organize your thoughts and your day
✔ Lots of templates also included: Brain dump templates, task triage, task lists, priority matrices, weekly and general to do lists
✔ Undated - so you can use your digital planner year after year!
✔ 11 different templates across over 375 pages to help you manage your day
✔ 100's of hyperlinks across all pages to help you navigate seamlessly through

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