EDITABLE Vinyl Decal Thank You Business Card Instructions, Printable Decal Application Order Cards, DIY Sticker Seller Packaging Label | Blue

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EDITABLE Vinyl Decal THANK YOU Business Card Instructions. Insert these printable Decal Application & 'Thank You for Your Order' Cards into your packaging for your Vinyl Decal Orders. Care Cards Labels are perfect DIY template for Sticker Sellers!

✔ EDIT the label to personalize for your business
✔ Change colors to suit your brand
✔ Add your Shop name, logo, website and contact details
✔ Add/remove icons
✔ Edit text to suit your decal application instructions
✔ Edit any of the text in the example shown
✔ Thank your customers, send instructions and ask for feedback - all in one card!

Elevate y. . .

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