The Ultimate Guide to Creating your Airbnb Guest Welcome Book

What is an Airbnb Welcome Book and why you need one in your Rental?

Elevate your guest’s experience in your short-term vacation rental by giving them a welcome book, containing all of the information they need for their stay. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and can use as a House Guide, to learn more about things to do in your local area, and use your recommendations to have a truly special trip!

5 Reasons why Hosts need an Airbnb Welcome Book:

  • An opportunity to introduce yourself as a host to your guests as well as showing them what makes your property and location unique.
  • It can also act as a handy house guide, giving guests a friendly reminder of your house rules, check-in and check-out information
  • Provide information about local attractions, restaurants, and shops that they may be interested in, ensuring your guests have a great experience
  • A time saver for both you and your guests, eliminating some of your admin and the need for constant messaging as all the essential information will be in the welcome book, such as wifi codes, instructions on how to use amenities, etc
  • A sense of belonging for your guests, which can lead to more positive reviews and more bookings in the future!

Remember, a happy guest makes a happy host! So whether you have a cabin in the woods or a lakehouse by the beach, make sure to include a welcome book in your rental property!

How to Create an Airbnb Welcome Book to Impress Guests

What should you include in Your Airbnb Welcome Book?

Below I have listed the key elements that you should include in your guest welcome book ensuring they have all the information they need to have an amazing stay at your rental!

Top 6 things to include in your Airbnb Welcome Book: 

1. Welcome Page

Create a personalized welcome page for your guests to give them a great first impression of your place! Welcoming guests with a personal note will make your stay more memorable resulting in a better guest experience and better reviews.

2. House Guide & House Rules

Let your guests know more about your property, including parking, the amenities, and instructions on how to use everything! Also, include your House Rules as a reminder to guests to reduce the likelihood of receiving complaints or damage to the property.

3. Local Recommendations

Impress your guests with tips on the best things to do in the area and recommendations on where to eat & drink. This information will go a long way in ensuring your guests have an amazing experience!

4. Transportation Tips for Guests

Remember to include transportation tips for your guests, to avoid potential overpaying and so guests can find your property easily when checking in. Provide a guide of the area including maps and transportation options such as walking, trains, and buses. You can even include recommended taxi services with contact information to save your guests time trying to find their own! Show guests that you have thought of everything they may need!

5. Emergency Contacts

In the unlikely event an emergency occurs, you want to make sure your guests have the information they need with an emergency contact list! Include your host number, and emergency services numbers such as Medical, Fire Department, Pharmacy, and Roadside to take the stress out of an already stressful situation.

6. Check-Out Instructions for Airbnb

Provide a list of all the things guests need to do when checking out to ensure the property is left in a good state and make your housecleaners' job much easier. The top things to include in your checkout instructions should be:

  • Checkout time

  • Cleaning instructions for guests

  • How guests should lockup once they leave

How to Design the Perfect Airbnb Welcome Book for Guests

So you figured that a Welcome Book would be great for your Airbnb, but still don’t know where to start or just don’t have the time to create your own? No need to worry, we have the solution! Using our stylish and professionally designed templates, you can create your very own Airbnb Welcome Books in no time!

Don’t have time to create an entire welcome book from scratch? We have the templates so you can create one super quickly! 

 Our welcome books contain over 20-pages of templates including everything your guest will need and ensure they look after your property during their stay. Save yourself time from having to design your welcome book from scratch and professionalize your listing with these stylish template designs!

Our templates are easy to use and come with the following features:

✔ Over 20+ template pages in total

✔ Create a printable copy for your property or send a digital copy to your guests

✔ Remind guests of your House Rules

✔ Give guests a handy House Guide, including details on how to use appliances and heating

✔ Give your 'Top Tips' for the guest's stay

✔ Provide Local Recommendations for where guests can eat and drink as well as things to do near you

✔ Let guests know how to get to you and parking details, as well as local transport options

✔ Remind guests about your Check-out Instructions

✔ Let guests know who to contact in the case of emergencies

✔ Collect feedback from guests with our Feedback Form

✔ Remind guests to leave a Review

✔ Front and back cover designs as well as contents pages

✔ Change colors to your preference

✔ Full Page size (US Letter) & A4

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