Which Planner is best for you? Digital vs Paper Planners

Even though the digital age was kickstarted when we got a thing called computers, people still enjoy using paper planners. This has led to a long standing debate about which one is better. On one hand, digital planners are easier to use and may be more effective than paper ones. On the other hand, there is something nostalgic about paper planners that some people find attractive. To make it a little easier for you to decide whether you should switch over to a digital planner or not, we have compiled this quick summary that will show the benefits of both.

Benefits of Paper Planners

  • Less costly - The only cost associated with paper planners is the cost of your journal & pens which is relatively cheap compared to something like an iPad. In addition, there could be further costs due to app subscriptions.

  • Better at memory retention - Studies have shown that paper planners are more effective in improving memory retention than digital tools.

  • Fewer distractions - Digital devices tend to have a lot more distractions with emails, messages, and notifications all vying for your attention, making it much more difficult to stay focused and plan effectively.

  • Better sensory experience - The experience of flipping through a paper planner is one of the best features. Paper planners also have a sense of permanence to them that digital planners do not.

  • Relief to Digital Fatigue - The digital world may have revolutionized the way we work and live but we have become slaves to our screens, constantly checking emails and social media. Paper planners provide a welcome relief to all this digital stiumulation.

Benefits of Digital Planners

  • Very customizable - Digital planners are a lot easier to edit and format than paper planners. You can easily change the font size, color and even add stickers!

  • Portable & access across multiple devices - Digital planners can usually be sync’d across multiple devices including your phone, computer and tablet. Since we always have at least one of these devices with us, you can be sure to always have access to your plans!

  • No more clutter - There’s no more need to buy supplies for paper planners such as pens, printer paper, stickers & markers etc!

  • Much easier to navigate - With hyperlinks you can navigate to different sections of the planner with one click, it’s super easy!

  • Less waste - With digital planners there is less paper waste and no requirements for you to buy pens, pencils or ink cartridges, resulting in less clutter. 


As you can see, both paper and digital planners have their advantages and it depends on which of the benefits stated above you find more appealing! I have found that I'm slowly moving towards digital planning, due to the portability, easy access and navigation benefits. However, I do still see the appeal with paper planners, which is why we create planners that suit people in both camps!

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